Green Fees and Memberships

The Mustang Creek Board of Directors want to sincerely thank all our members, customers and staff for their understanding of the complex issues concerning Covid-19. We are continually monitoring this situation and we will send you updates as needed. We have also transitioned to a new Tee Sheet - Point of Sale - Accounts Receivable system. After reviewing our accounts receivable, we have noticed some members are behind in paying their membership dues. We have implemented the following policy effective immediately.

**Memberships Any member who is behind in their membership dues will have 60 days to pay the total amount owed. To continue to play as a member, you will need to pay 50% owed in the first 30 days and the rest at the end of 60 days. If after 60 days, you have not paid the total amount, your membership privileges will be suspended.

**Beverage Tabs All beverage tabs must be paid in full by June 1st, 2020. Beginning immediately, the maximum tab accumulated by anyone will be $100.00 A credit card must be kept on file and on the 15th of every month, the card will be charged with the accumulated tab amount. You will also be able to pay in cash, but whichever method you chose, all tabs will be paid after the $100.00 limit is reached or on the 15th of every month. Only members in good standing can charge to a beverage tab.

We appreciate your understanding and we are grateful to all our members who pay their membership dues and tabs in a timely manner. If you have a special situation that needs consideration, any changes to this policy must be reviewed by the Board of Directors. Please make that request to


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